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Leghorn hens are a Mediterranean breed that was named after Livorno in Italy. It is one of the most known breeders in the world. According to the conditions of care, there are 220-300 eggs. There are two structures, one of which is big and one with bandam. There are various color varieties that exhibit active and moving behaviors.

COLOR: White-Black-Yellow-Speckled -Coffee, Silver
ANNUAL EGG: 220-300 Pieces

There are chicken breeds with different breeds and characteristics throughout the world. These types of chickens vary according to climatic conditions. Egg yield egg color reproduction conditions have differences such as habitats. site, we do research on all these world chicken breeds and share with you. While some chickens make white eggs, some of them can make different color eggs like red, green, blue and black. You can write us on and inform us about different chicken breeds.

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