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Phoenix Chicken

The first Foniks was brought to Germany in 1878. In Japan, raising long-tailed roosters was a very important symbol of power in ancient times and many species emerged. Tosa Onagadori is the longest queue among these races and accepted as the national bird treasure of Japan on March 7, 1923. In an old rooster, it was determined that the tail lengthened to 7.5 - 9 m. In this race, the tail can be extended as it has the feature of not being able to spread between the seasons. Phonics can spread 120-150 cm between the seasons because they spread their feathers.

LOWER SPECIES: - Silver Foniks - Gold Phonics

FEATURES: Male 1.8 kg, female is around 1.3 kg.

KAFES ENVIRONMENT: Wire-based 4m2 lattice or 8m2 ground based lattice.

NUTRITION: Chick and ground while broiler chowder feed eggs and granulated feed (millet, wheat.yulaf). Greenery should be remembered and sand container should be placed in the bathroom.


REPRODUCTIVE TIME: Suitable all year round in appropriate heat and light.

NUMBER OF EGGS: 120-180 pcs.


There are chicken breeds with different breeds and characteristics throughout the world. These types of chickens vary according to climatic conditions. Egg yield egg color reproduction conditions have differences such as habitats. site, we do research on all these world chicken breeds and share with you. While some chickens make white eggs, some of them can make different color eggs like red, green, blue and black. You can write us on and inform us about different chicken breeds.

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